The Misunderstood Chatterbox

I am often told by many that I am a chatterbox. Some say it with interest, other say it with disdain. Sometimes I often don’t know what to call it myself. At times, my thought move quickly so all I desire is that the people around me just offer an ear to listen. I am not very open emotionally but I am very outspoken in regards to my observations and random thoughts that pop in my head.

All I want is for someone to listen….

Do I think I’m clever? Sometimes. Do I think I’m smart? Of course. Do I know the benefits of listening to others? Yes I do. However, the reason I talk has nothing to do with the fact that I think I am clever or smart. Also, while I understand the importance of listening to others, sometimes I just want to be heard!

It’s very rare that I meet someone who I feel as though really hears me but I can say I have met at least 2 people in my lifetime that can match my talkative swag. Its too bad I cannot put these people in my pocket and carry them with me forever…because I would! Anyways, I decided to create this entry in order to “vomit” out my current thoughts. Hopefully I will be able to write something more “creative” or “meaningful” later.

Thanks for listening (reading). Peace!

Talkative Woman







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